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Read additional corroborating data showing the use of the Free Zone(Ron's Org) by the OPC: Excerpt from the book by RENATE HARTWIG: Players in the Shadows

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The Freie Zone e.V.(Ron's Org) and the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution


The Role of Bernd Luebeck


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"Indeed, members of the Free Zone have now and then worked with state organs to observe the Church of Scientology and their actions."(Ref:


"In fact members of the Freezone are working with various state institutions that are conducting surveillance of the Church of Scientology to investigate its wrongdoings." (Excerpt from the booklet FREE ZONE SWITZERLAND The Alternative Scientology Movement, by Ron’s Org Switzerland

"The OPC recruits its “star witnesses" against the Scientology organization from the Free Zone. Not only does the OPC recruit in the Free Zone, they also try to get their undercover men trained and cared for by Freezone members; one even went so far as to recruit star witnesses for the ominous Bavarian Study from the Free Zone." (Excerpt from the booklet [Renate Hartwig: Ref: directreport Nr.1, 2003])

For six years now the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) is keeping the Church of Scientology under surveillance. As methods of political manipulation are not well enough known, neither to the concerned not to the general public, we want to shed a bit of light onto one aspect of the intelligence operation targetting the Church of Scientology : The infiltration of the "Free Zone Association" (Freie Zone e.V.[Ron's Org]) in Munich, Germany.

A politician once formulated the socalled "Scientology problem" of the government briefly and to the point like this:

"The problem with the Scientologists is that they are not domesticated."

This is an interesting argument for the unconstitutional campaigning of a government bound to be neutral in religious matters. The idea that an individual or a group might not be domesticated puts the hair of a certain type of politicians on edge. Law or no law - some have the tendency to control, each and everything within their reach.

Domestication [latin], Taming, breeding, the changing of a wild animal into a domestic animal, in which process, partly through planned breeding (selection of the desired mutations) and crossbreeding, changes occur during generations in the build (physique), performance and behavior. Typical characteristics/signs: Reduction/Decrease of the relative weight of the brain, brindling of the coat, development of wool, shortening of the snout, earlier sexual maturity, increased meat, milk and egg production, but also increased susceptibility to illness. [Ref: Bertelsmann Lexikon 2001]

The Church of Scientology has the know-how to cancel other-determined "domestication" and replace it with a sense of responsibility for the common good. This know how is summed up under the term "Auditing". Man can be free and at the same time be responsible - but not all desire this.

At 15 December 1995 the Conference of the Ministers of Interior decided:
"Opposing the activities of the Scientology-Organization should be continued. In that it should be considered [...] in particular to punish the practicing of Auditing through the use of penal law and if necessary to stop it by the application of security law."

Here within one sentence, the target is formulated which some politicians in Germany have set some years ago. To a certain extent the Federal Government and State Governments are working on that since 1968. When all other attempts had been exhausted in long fights and had proven not to be efficient enough, the political secret service of Germany, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, in 1997 got the order, as the last available remedy, to stop Scientology with secret service methods.

A simple and very successful tactic of governments and its secret services is to seemingly ally with the opponent of the opponent, or, of course, to first create and build up an opponent for the opponent. "Divide et Impera", divide and rule, is the short-version for such a strategy, tested since millenia. Cesar wants to conquer Gaul, so he pays the leaders of some tribes for their benevolency and thus in short time conquers all of Gaul (France). The US government has done it in the Indian wars and has fought its battles with some tribes with the support of some others. The British applied this in India and on the European continent, the Germans did it in WW II (for example in the Baltic states). The CIA knows this technique and uses it today on the whole planet.

The temporary "ally" of the government, and, respectively its secret service, is an ally of course only temporarily - till the time the purpose has been reached. At this moment the tool loses its value and with that ends financial support, protection, benevolency, praise etc - all the things that one had to say and do to win this "ally". History offers plenty of examples.

To be successful with such a strategy the respective conquerer/government(secret service depends on traitors or fools. There is plenty of it in each generation. The technical term for such fools has been coined by Lenin - he called them "useful idiots".


The goal of the "Freie Zone e.V." (Free Zone Assoc., Munich) is, according their official self-description is:
"Our goal is to apply in freedom the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology." (Ref: [])

In this self-description there are additives and explanations, but this is the defined goal.


It would be easy to reach this goal if there didn't exist an organized and bitter opposition of certain interest groups. They succeeded in influencing the "official Germany", meaning the Federal Government and State Governments and their organs. And, of course, the media. What does this "official Germany" says about the goal of the Free Zone, LRH, the tech and its most important application, auditing?


Who was L. Ron Hubbard?

[... ] There he got to know the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freuds and its therapies. From parts of this theory and other psychological concepts Hubbard developed a method for the manipulation of the human mind. [... ]

Scientology is a technical ideology for the control of the individual as well as all of society. (Ref: Bavarian State Government, [])


On December 15, 1995 the Conference of the Ministers of Interior recommended the implementation of the so called "sect filter": "In that it should be considered,

- to make sure that public offices in the area of fiscal matters include declarations as part of contracts with external companies, especially consultation and training companies, in which in suitable cases the companies declares,

1. That the company does not work according to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard,

2. That neither the staff nor the management are trained in the technology of L. Ron Hubbard respectively do not take part in courses and seminars according to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard,

3. That the management objects to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard for the managing of the company respectively for carrying out training seminars,

- to create legal regulations for the commercial activities of organizations like Scientology in the area of psycho-life help,

- that the health and criminal prosecution authorities use all possibilities to punish any illegal practice of medicine per the penal law and if necessary prohibit it per security law, particularly the practicing of Auditing."
(Ref: Decision of the Conference of the Ministers of Interior 1995, quoted in the final report of the "Working Group SC of the Offices for the Protection of the Constitution" of 1997)

This filter not only was recommended but it was implemented. As an example here a filter as it is in use in Bremen today:

I, the undersigned, declare

1. That I respectively my company do(does) not work according to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard,

2. That neither myself nor my employees are trained according to the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard,

3. That I object to the use of the technology of L. Ron Hubbard for the managing of my company/the running of my seminars."
(Ref: Information of the Senate of Bremen of 3. Dec. 2002, printed matter 15/1316, Citizenship of Bremen)

Thus Bremen - and other German states and companies - demand of me "that I declare ... that I object to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard."


Through efficient techniques of behavior control and steering, the "technology", staff members but also the active members in a manipulative way are put under permanent pressure to behave in a certain way ...
(Ref: Bavarian OPC Report 2002, page 205)

The Bavarian OPC - other states formulate it in a similar way - thus defines the tech as "behavior control and steering" - the exact opposite of what it is and does.

"Our goal is to apply in freedom the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology."


The "preclear" (PC) has to tell to the auditor in a procedure similar to an interrogation all his negative experiences which have accumulated on the so called time track during his life, all problems, but mainly all his own offences and special likings. [...] At the beginning of the session the auditor puts the preclear in a condition similar to hypnosis to make it easier for him to "confess" his secrets, including the most intimate incidents and serious offences.
(Ref: Bavarian State Government,

In "auditing sessions" which go on for hours and which include elements of hypnosis, the participant, with the use of a kind of lie detector; has to make his "soul confession". [...]

Through these manipulations he slowly gets into a mental dependency [...] (Ref: OPC Report Baden-Württemberg,)

Auditing can be understood as a method of conditioning and the use of the E-meter as a bio-feedback. [...]
(Ref: Excerpt from the financial expertise "Effects and risks of unconventional psycho- and social techniques by the Bavarian Government, Dec 2002)

What experts! Here the OPC lets its analysts study writings by L. Ron Hubbard for years and the Bavarian Ministry of Interior pays thousands of Euros to "scientists" to reach the conclusion that the preclear is put into a condition similar to hypnotic state to "make it easier for him to confess most intimate incidents"! Do these "analysts" think so little? Not even the most green beginner in Scientology has read such in the course materials nor has he ever read anything like this into the materials. Unable experts? No. The OPC has its department for psychological warfare and such writings are called "disinformation". These experts twist the facts purposely.

Several of the state offices of the OPC installed a few years ago "hotlines" which could be called to relay any discriminatory facts about Scientology, unproven and anonymous so that they could gain new realizations. Ostensibly this is being done to protect the constitution of Germany, our democracy. But has the OPC ever installed a hotline for organized criminality, for drug trafficking, for modern slavery or for child pornography? For groups and subjects which according to the latest trends since years have justified the surveillance of private apartments, to install video surveillance over a wide area and to generally restrict human rights according to the salami tactic? No. There is only a Scientology-hotline. Isn't that of interest? Can something be learned from that?

From the Schill-fraction Hamburg in the Hamburg Senate of 6 March 2003:

Demands which have existed for quite some time, have to be made a reality. And here too clear cut directions from Bavaria: "In the frame of penal code evaluations in relation to the Scientology-Organization, the delivery of processing-courses for auditors, who do not have a license according to §1 of the Healing Practitioner Law are to be penalized according to §5 of the Healing Practitioner Law.

But who of us has a license as a Healing Practitioner?

"Our goal is to apply in freedom the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology."

The intention of Becksteins, Cabertas and other similar minded persons is totally clear and has been pursued for years by the state with all means. That intention is to forbid the application of the tech. Foremost, it was Beckstein who in 1997 forced through a hesitating Federal Minister of Interior, Kanther, the observation of Scientology by the OPC. No more running of ARC breaks, no erasing of engrams, no Life Repair, no more Grades, no Clears and no OTs. Over! Forever we were supposed to become the effect of billions of incidents from the past. Being constructed was a super-controlled society with gene-banks, Surveillance cameras, "suspicion-independent controls" and state psychiatric/psychological "life help". No more releases, no more key outs. The end of the dream of freedom, power and immortality. That is the goal of Beckstein, Caberta and a handful of others, and the OPC does its part as the executing organ.

Freedom of our own real self and our abilities, or the lengthy and painful death of consciousness in a "beautiful new world". Those are the alternatives.


What does this have to do with the Freie Zone e.V.?

Unfortunately more than what's visible on the surface and quite more so than wished by those who care for a good and beautiful life mainly on the first two dynamics. Let's not forget: Scientology was made a political issue of the first degree in Germany, and there are groups and powers at work who do not show their faces on the first pages of the media.

In 1991 Bernd Luebeck was a driving force behind the founding of the association "Freie Zone e.V." in Munich, the first group of the Free Zone which turned into a group with an official legal body and reached opinion leader status amongst the loose groups of Free Zones in Europe.

What else was happening at that time? In 1991, the Church of Scientology carried out a massive campaign against plans to legalize drugs. 1991, Jeannette Schweitzer left the Church to then, with the support of the OPC - begin her travels through the media. In 1991, Ursula Caberta filed a penal complaint against the Church for "formation of a criminal organization" (which was later on dismissed), the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution produced its first expertise about Scientology in 1991, and Renate Hartwig showed up in 1991, to soon be led by the OPC to become a media star and advisor for agencies and companies. After a few years of peace, the year 1991 became the starting point for a well prepared and coordinated campaign against the Church of Scientology in Germany. It culminated between 1994 and 1996 and has since ebbed down.

In this overheated atmosphere of 1991, Luebeck founded the "Freie Zone e.V." and became its president and has since then dictated its strategy, PR work and legal items in the Free Zone. Nothing better could have happened to the enemies of the Church of Scientology as a "competition" offered many possibilities. "Divide et impera". An organized competition to the Church, it was thought, would weaken the Church through a loss in membership, the obtaining of information would be facilitated and the infiltration of the Church with the help of "scooped off" know-how from trained former members of the Church could be made to look more real. Speculation? An outrageous undocumented claim?

Not at all. Luebeck was forced - after his relations to the OPC had been made public on - to acknowledge them publicly. In a declaration in a section entitled "How do I know the Free Zone isn't a cover organization for the Church of Scientology" he says: "Indeed, members of the Free Zone have now and then worked with state organs to observe the Church of Scientology and their actions." (Ref:

(Please note: if you click now on this link you will find that this statement has been deleted. That’s right, after I exposed this on the Internet Luebeck immediately ran for cover and removed the paragraph. Unfortunately, for him, I downloaded the original page with the original paragraph included.)

Say what? Yes. Cooperation with state organs who observe the Church of Scientology. That is the OPC and its various state offices. First of all, of course, the Bavarian OPC. How this office evaluates LRH and auditing - see above: Auditing is "hypnosis, manipulation, fraud". Who if not Bernd Luebeck as opinion leader of the Free Zone organized, furthered, kept quiet and endured this cooperation? And how does this cooperation look like? Details are not being mentioned by the President. On his homepage he speaks of "seeking contacts with politicians" and "attempting to correct false impressions". It says they are working together with the OPC. The details would be of great interest - form and extent and degree of honesty of the information which was delivered, what payment was agreed upon, which media representations and articles were organized by the OPC, etc.

OPC staffs are officials and carry out what is being ordered by the political leadership. To calm down the OPC is thus a wasted effort. The highest chief of the Bavarian OPC is Gunther Beckstein, for years a big political agitator in Germany to end the application "of the technology and the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, in freedom". And thus the goal of the Free Zone will never be reached. Beckstein is using his annual OPC reports which he gets since 1998 year after year in the hope to achieve a ban of Scientology and the application of the technology. (More to the background of the observation of Scientology by the OPC are here).

Nobody should be so naïve as to believe that the attack is against the Church of Scientology as an organization. The organization as such is totally unimportant. The organization is only of interest as the necessary means to apply the tech of Scientology and to make it known.

On one side „Our goal is to apply in freedom the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology" and on the other side, "Indeed, members of the Free Zone have now and then worked with state organs to observe the Church of Scientology and their actions."

There are limits one should not pass if one wants to retain at least some integrity. What Bernd Luebeck is engaged in is treason to Scientologists and members of the Free Zone in the same way. And beyond that to all - who knowingly or unknowingly - want to go free.


Is Bernd Luebeck aware how destructive his actions are? I don't know. It doesn't matter for the result of his actions. But if one inspects this question a bit closer, it actually means "are his justifications so solid that he himself believes in them and that he can't see anymore, or does he feel an intentional secret joy in working on the destruction of the technology?" One is as crazy as the other.

I assume that he does not have any character and no mark, perhaps he has a "charming" valence but he does not have his own "I" and for a long time has had no feeling for truth. In 1981, when he was a staff member of the Church of Scientology, before there was such a thing as the Free Zone in Germany or elsewhere, he stood by when his own Church was defrauded for 1 million DM in the purchase of a new building. Why? Because he had personal debts. He had found the new building, participated in the sales talks and received a commission for his work. He knew that the seller would have sold the building for 1 million DM less to the Church but he remained silent and made the Church pay 1 million DM above the market price. As result then Luebeck put in his pocket a higher commission.

At this point he had already been for five years a staff member of the Church of Scientology in Munich. The Church was facing in all of Germany an attack which had been begun in 1978 by the Federal government and was flanked with dozens of libelous news articles every week. And he, Luebeck, member of the Guardian Office of the Church was responsible to help the Church to survive those attacks, betrayed his friends and colleagues for 1 million DM! Because he "had to pay his debts". Later, after his fraud had been uncovered, he was upset and promised to make good the damage so as not to be declared a suppressive person. He succeeded even if the org did not want to have him as a staff member anymore and dismissed him - who would have been able to ever trust him again? How much of that damage did he make good since, how much did he pay back? Not one cent. Instead he began to criticize the Church (no wonder) and a few years later he entered into a deal with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

"I reported this data to those staff in the org who dealt with the sale. I should have reported that the building had previously been offered for 5 Mill DM. Thus I caused the org a loss of 1 Mill DM plus the commission which I received from Mr. B. S. (27,000DM)." (Bernd Lübeck).

Traitor or useful idiot? One of the two. A more important question is however: How did he manage to engage in this PR coup? How did he convince his "friends" in the Free Zone, with what sweet words and explanations did he sell his treason? How did he succeed to portray this as a pro-survival action and sell the cooperation with an instrument of the enemies of Scientology? His argument is: to protect the Free Zone. "We will give them what they want from us and in exchange they leave us alone." For how long?

With the subject of Scientology one doesn't do such deals, and such a president should not be trusted.


The price of freedom is constant alertness; constant willingness to fight back, said L. Ron Hubbard, there is no other price. Bernd Luebeck, however believed, there was another one. Going to bed with the state power, giving up instead of holding the position, giving up ones own integrity instead of showing muscles and demonstrating courage. His solution for the problems of life was the selling of his soul for a bowl of peas.

He put at stake the powerful technology of Scientology and thus your and my eternity. Why? Cowardice.

And with great probability, for money. In the recent scandal concerning the ban of the NPD it came out that every 7th person in the Federal Board of the NPD (in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern even the whole Board!) had been bought by the OPC. The OPC gave many former Scientologists for their performances in the media "financial support", and they also tried to bribe members of the Church. That's the level which Bernd Luebeck sank to.